Stories of The Prophets


Stories of our prophets with simple illustrations, to guide our children into learning and recognise the deeds or histories of our beloved Prophets.

These books cover the tales of our Prophets in simple illustrations and easy to understand text for our young kids.
If you are building up a library at home, be sure to include these books.

Language: Malay

Book Cover: Soft type

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  • Each set comes with a bonus DVD for interactive learning, and 5 books.
  • Estimated 60 – 64 pages per book.
  • Publisher: Zain

Details of each book as follows:

  • Book 1: Nabi Adam (as), Nabi Idris (as), Nabi Ilyas (as), Nabi Yunus (as), Nabi Zakariya (as)
  • Book 2: Nabi Nuh (as), Nabi Ismail (as), Nabi Ishaq (as), Nabi Yahya (as), Nabi Isa (as)
  • Book 3: Nabi Yakub (as), Nabi Yusuf (as), Nabi Musa (as), Nabi Harun (as), Nabi Sulaiman (as)
  • Book 4: Nabi Hud (as), Nabi Luth (as), Nabi Dawud (as), Nabi Saleh (as), Nabi Syuaib (as)
  • Book 5: Nabi Ibrahim (as), Nabi Ayub (as), Nabi Zulkifli (as), Nabi Ilyasa (as), Nabi Muhammad (pbuh)


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